A quick Q&A with Olly Pullin

Olly specialises in assisting the owners of SMEs in navigating the often-bewildering process of selling their business.

He recently spoke about some of the considerations that owners address when thinking about a sale:

What sets you apart from other businesses in the sector?

We are a boutique team that specialises in helping owner-managers in buying and selling businesses, supporting them through the process of what will usually be a once in a lifetime experience.

Many corporate finance specialists are geared towards larger entities and struggle with owner-managed businesses, where a proprietor is involved day to day and has a true finger on the pulse of the operations.

There can be many potential pitfalls in selling a business and lots of jargon which can hide some important matters that could have a significant impact on the eventual proceeds received by the seller.  We help translate into plain English and steer owners through the details to get them the best deal possible.

What advice would you give to someone looking to exit/sell a business?

It’s never too soon to begin engaging with advisers and starting to think about things that will make your business more valuable and to discuss what preparation can be done to help take some of the stress out of the transaction later down the line.

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